A series of yuri one-shots.
1. Melody:
About two childhood friends who like music and who are asked to perform at the graduation ceremony of their school.
2. Longing:
1) "Easy Chocolate" is about a guy who thinks women are annoying, but there's a particularly persistent one! Will she succeed in winning his heart?
Shingo Chiryuu isn't much different than any other guy except for one thing... He's afraid of girls. He was attacked by an overweight girl because she was turn down from confessing to him, which caused him to develop a fear of women, seeing them all as "dinosaurs".
1. Talent
"Do what you do best!"
They met by coincidence, a school girl and a delinquent. While she works hard to obtain her dream, will he find a way to use his talent?
2. Bride
Rose Hip Rose is a manga about a teenage girl who fights crime. While the setup doesn't sound so great, it gets better as the manga progresses. The series' major strong point is the art.
Since her dad's death when she was in elementary school, Kamura promised to always protect her mother. Since then she has taken the role of being the responsible one in the family, including cooking, cleaning, and even getting her mom up for work.
Collection of short stories:
1.Polka Dot Fabric
MiRyu has a gorgeous mother who's quite childish for a woman. But asides from being just gorgeous, MiRyu's mother is also getting remarried to a rich man.
Menga is simply known as the vice rep and is bullied. Hanako has moved to Korea but was robbed the first day and has nothing. Na Hong Soo is known as a troublemaker and is in constant trouble.
The story centers on Arisu, who just started high school. Her first day of school, which also happened to fall on her 16th birthday, was rather catastrophic. Arisu was absolutely devastated, and when she came home, she overheard her parents arguing.