Description :
Souta, a penniless, phoneless, destitute middle schooler, met a high school girl with a stray cat underneath a bridge...

Succubus & Hitman summary:
The "violence gun action" manga's story centers on a dual gun-wielding protagonist who makes makes a deal with the devil to reap the souls of sinners. [ANN]

Watashi no Tomodachi ga Sekaiichi Kawaii summary:
Saionji Koharo is an admirable student council president. A beautiful and flouncy lady that happens to always be followed around by a girl named Mirai.

Senpai ga Oyobidesu! summary:

Description :

Real no Heroine wa Irimasen! summary:

Description :
A girl-meets-girl fishing manga planned for serialization in Manga Time Kirara Forward.

Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku summary:

Split Lover summary:
“If my true heart leaks, I wonder what feelings I will convey...” In this world, if your dissatisfaction rate reaches a certain level, your "Split" will satisfy your desire for you; Fission Syndrome.

Ano Koro no Aoi Hoshi summary:
One day, a mediocre high school girl, Koumoto Umi, falls in love with Segawa Shou, a beautiful woman in her next class. Although he was confused by his feelings, he wanted to get along with Segawa, who had a mysterious atmosphere somewhere...