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The thick clothes are just a camouflage to hide the fact that She doesn't wear anything under her clothes. I know this because I've been shown a lot. That girl... Hoshijima-san... is a crazy exhibitionist woman.

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku summary:

She Is Still Cute Today summary:
An antisocial girl who's obsessed with her studies seems to be interested in a lowlife delinquent?! She's still so cute today. A cold, high school girl who loves studying and a stupid yet sweet delinquent.

Yuugai Shitei Doukyuusei summary:

The Honor Student's Secret Job summary:

Dark Mortal summary:

Shimeji Simulation summary:
From the Shoujo Shuumatsu/Last Girls' Tour Mangaka.
A poetic, surreal yet heartwarming 4 panel series about the everyday.