Hone No Nazuki Made Aisu summary:

Himegami no Miko summary:

Hiyumi's Country Road summary:
Hiyumi is an ordinary teenage girl who, when her father told her  they were going to move to Nagano prefecture, immediately pictured life in one of the biggest, liveliest centers of Japan.

Tamen De Gushi summary:
The funny romantic story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love. Also contains insert art of the characters by the mangaka.
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A Succubus Yuri Story summary:
The daily story of some succubi.

My Cute Little Kitten summary:
A story of two close friends living together.

Koushin Koinu Ni Koibumi Wo summary:
The stage is a modern school that fosters female officers, "Girl's Only Army School".
A girl, Indou Shinobu, who came out from the countryside, meets Kagami a high-class senior student.

Description :
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"Wolf" Rikujo Aki is working as a butler in the Land of the Sheep.
She loved the quiet and peaceful life there, but by chance, she fell in love with Momo Siudafares, the third princess of the Sheep Kingdom, and became her tutor.